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131 - Death of Dina McGhee, President of The Leaven

130 - Sean O'Leary Dies
129 -
General Curia Calendar Online
128 -
OCDs and OCARM Join to Create An Association for Mariological Studies
126 -
George O'Keefe, O. Carm., Dies in Chicago, USA

125 - Carmelite Hermits of Christoval, Texas Incorporated into the Order 
124 -
International Ongoing Formation Course: The Role of the Prior in a Carmelite Community
123 -
Anthony Parnis, O. Carm., dies in Malta
122 -
New Book Released by Edizioni Carmelitane: Carmelite Formation 
121 -
550th anniversary of the papal letter "CUM NULLA": Celebrazione dell'anniversario con il laicato carmelitano

120 - Next issue of CITOC is in the mail
119 -
Anthony Moffat, O. Carm., dies in Australia
118 -
Next issue of CARMEL IN THE WORLD mailed from Rome on Saturday, November 30
117 - The International Finance Commission establishes 10 point six year financial strategy plan
116 -
Oldest Carmelite in the World Dies in Australia

115 Bernardus Antonius Nijhuis, O. Carm., Dies in Holland
114 Konrad Pasterkamp, O. Carm., Dies in Holland
113 Alberto Box Morcillo, O. Carm., Dies in Spain
112 - Hendrikus Westerhof, O. Carm., Dies 
111 - EDIZIONI CARMELITANE website makes Carmelite Publications available for purchase online

110 Domenico Giampaolo, O. Carm., Dies
109News from Timor Lorosae (9/XI/02)
108 Pictures from Vetralla Celebration of "Cum Nulla" with Carmelite Nuns (8/XI/02)
107Elective Chapter: Monastery of "Carmel of Mary" in Wahpeton (8/XI/02)

106 -  Advertisement for Celebration of "Cum Nulla" with Laity (7/XI/02)

105Council of Provinces Change of Venue (6/XI/02)
104Elective Chapter: Indian Commissariat (4/XI/02)
103Death: Henk te Wierik (4/XI/02)
102Advertisement for Ongoing Formation Course (27/X/02)
101 General Council Launched on the Web: (23/X/02)

100 - Letter of Pope John Paul II on the occasion of the 550th Anniversary of the Bull "Cum Nulla" (20/X/02)
99 -
 Sr. Maria Elias Martinez Martinez, O. Carm. (18/X/02)
Elective Chapter of the Monastery of Madre de Dios in Fontiveros (Avila, Spain) (18/X/02)
97 -
 Electoral Chapter of the Carmelite Nuns of Batu, Indonesia (10/X/02)
96 -  Death: Sr. Ma. Pilar, O. Carm. (10/X/02)

95 -  Greeting from the General Council on the 550th Anniversary of the Papal Bull “Cum Nulla” (7/X/02)
94 -
Celebrating the 550th Anniversary of the Papal Bull “Cum Nulla - Vetralla / Posters (1/X/02)
93 -
Summary of the General Council's September Plenary Session (29/IX/02)
92 -
Bartholomew (Peter) McGovern, O. Carm. (27/IX/02)
91 -
Minutes of the International Commission of Peace and Justice Meeting (27/IX/02)

90 -  Elective Chapter of the Carmelite Sisters of the Aged and Infirmed (24/IX/02)
89 -  Death: Br. Richard Anstey, O. Carm. Dies in Louisville, Kentucky (USA) (24/IX/02)
88 -  New Website Online for the Carmelite NGO (21/IX/02) 
87 -  Elective Chapter of the Carmelite Nuns of Jesi (Italy) (19/IX/2002)
86 -  Death: Fr. Johannes Cajetanus Borggreve, O. Carm. (19/IX/2002)

85 -  Fifth Assembly of the 'Mater et Decor Carmeli' Federation (19/IX/2002)
84 -  Death: Fr. Remigius Bomer, O. Carm. (18/IX/2002)
83 -  Minutes of the International Commission for Culture Available Online (17/IX/2002)
82 -  International Commission of Lay Carmelites Minutes Available Online (14/IX/2002)
81 -  New Electronic Addresses: Domus Carmelitana and CITOC (7/IX/2002)

Sr. Maria Nazarena, O. Carm., Dies (7/IX/2002)
Patrick Keenan, O. Carm., Dies (22/VIII/2002)
Election Results of the Carmelite Monastery of the Asunción de Huesca (22/VIII/2002)
77-   Deaths of Carmelites Over the Summer (22/VIII/2002)
Elective Chapter of the Corpus Christi Carmelite Sisters (22/VIII/2002)

Murray Phelan, O. Carm., Dies (8/VIII/2002)
The XV Ordinary General Chapter of the Hermanas Carmelitas (8/VIII/2002)
Frei Angelino Wissink, O. Carm., Dies at Age 88 (1/VIII/2002)
Roland Murphy, O. Carm., Dies (22/VII/2002)
New Editor of Carmelus Appointed (22/VII/2002)

70 -
69 -
 Election Results of the Carmelite Monastery of the Encarnación of Valencia
68 -
 Provincial Chapter of the Neopolitan Province
Death: Sr. M. Francesca di Gesù Bambino, O. Carm.
Fr. Robert Primozic, O. Carm., Dies in the United States

Election Results of the Carmelite Nuns of Allentown, Pennsylvania (USA)
64Election Results of the Carmelite Nuns of La Vega (Dominican Republic)
Sr. Franziska Baltus, O. Carm. Dies
62 -
 Chapter of the Province of the Most Pure Heart of Mary
Election Results of the Carmelite Monastery of the Holy Trinity and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (Roxas City)

60 -
 The Prior General Makes Announcements Regarding CISA and Appoints a Delegate for Culture

59 -
 Sr. Brocarda Sri Maharsi Poespowardojo, O. Carm. Dies
Celebration of the Feast of Mary Magdalene di Pazzi
Chapter of the Dutch Province
Election Results of the Monastery of Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
(Burgos, Pangasinan)

Fr. Eligius Schothuis, O. Carm., Dies in the Netherlands
Letter from the Prior General to the Order on the Occasion of the 550th Anniversary of the Papal Bull "Cum Nulla"
International Ongoing Formation Course
The Role of the Prior in a Carmelite Community

52 -  On-Going Formation Courses Announced - 21/V/2002

51 -  Lay Carmelite Web Site Available - 20/V/2002

50 -  Seville, Spain Monastery Election Results - 18/V/2002
49 -  Joint OCD - OCarm General Council Meeting - 18/V/2002
48 -  Hudson, Wisconsin (USA) Carmel Election Results - 17/V/2002
47 -  World Day of Communications; Order Announces 3 New Websites - 11/V/2002
46 -  Death: Sr. Concepción Llimós (Barcelona) - 11/V/2002

45 -  Death: Edmund McCaffrey, O. Carm. (SEL)  4/5/2002
44 -  Summary of the Charism and Spirituality Commission Meeting  4/5/2002
43 -  Report of the Catalonya Province Chapter  2/5/2002
42 -  Death: Richard Nagle, O. Carm. (SEL)  30/4/2002
41 -  Summary of the Formation Commission Meeting  30/4/2002

40 -  Book Release: History of Carmelites in Portugal  29/4/2002
39 -  Death: Sr. Rita Gionnone  29/4/2002
38 -  Death: Br. Franco Ponza, O. Carm. (Ital)  29/4/2002
37 -  Report of the Portughese Provincial Chapter  27/4/2002
36 -  Death: Theo
Meijerink, O. Carm.
 (Neer)  27/4/2002

35 -  Death: Sr.
Marie Macháčová, O. Carm. (Czech)  24/4/2002
34 -  Summary of the Communications Commission Meeting  24/4/2002
33 -  Summary of the Finance Commission Meeting  22/4/2002
32 -  Report on the Chapter of the Castille Province  22/4/2002
31 -  Death: Tadeusz Stuleblak, O. Carm. (Pol)  22/4/2002

30 -  Report on the Aragoval Provincial Chapter  15/4/2002
29 -  Death: Emmanuel Siswanto Poespowardojo, O. Carm. (Indo)  13/4/2002
28 -  Death:
Sr. Merlina Bernadette Bulangis, Carm. O. L.  10/4/2002
27 -  Easter Greetings from the General Council to the Order   31/3/2002
26 -  Report on the Baetica Province Chapter  27/3/2002

25 -  Report on the Chapter of the Lower German Province 
24 -  Summary from the General Council Meetings  16/3/2002
23 -  Valls Monastery Elections  10/3/2002
22 -  Encarnation Monastery Elections  10/3/2002
21 -  Death: Br. Filippo Da Ros, O. Carm. (Ital)  10/3/2002

20 -  Death: Sr. Elia Verstegen, O. Carm.  3/3/2002
19 -  Death: Bishop
Eliseu Maria Gomes de Oliveira, O. Carm.  17/2/2002
18 -  Death: Sr. Marisa Sciberras, CMSTGB  17/2/2002
17 -  3 Carmelites Ordained  17/2/2002
16 -  Death: Br. John Berridge, O. Carm. (Brit)  16/2/2002

15 -  Death: Br. Angelo Mirri, O. Carm. (Ital)  16/2/2002
14 -  Death: Sr. Anita Mogano, INS  16/2/2002
13 -  Six Year Plan of the General Council Distributed
12 -  Death: 
Alfonso María López Sendin, O. Carm.
11 -  Death: 
M. Virginia Murtinu, SMCTBG

10-  Death: James McCuaig, O. Carm. (Hib)
 9 -  Lectio Divina on Carmelite Website  11/1/2002
8a - Report on Chapter of the British Province
8 -  Death: Theodorus  Hendricks, O. Carm. (Neer)
7 -  Death: Maria do Divino Coração Figueiredo, O. Carm.  (Lus)
6 -  Report on the Chapter of the Province of Pernambuco

5 -  Vatican Approves New Monastery Outside the Order
4 -  Death: Bishop Telesforo Cioli, O. Carm. (Ital)
3 -  Report on the Chapter of the Province of Rio de Janeiro
2 -  Report on the Chapter of the Provincial Commissariat of Paraná
1 -  Joseph Chalmers' New Book, "Mary the Contemplative," Published