no. 2   april - june 2007

  Conservo nel cuore la tua Parola:
Lectio divina sulle letture festive dei Vangeli di Luca e Giovanni
by Carlos Mesters, O. Carm.

Conservo nel cuore la tua Parola:

Rotem Series #7

Twenty-two selections of Gospel stories from Sunday Eucharistic celebrations examined in lectio divina format.

Edizioni Messagero Padova - © 2006
ISBN 88-250-1359-0
12 euro

  Carmel of the Holy Family: 40 Years of Presence in the Diocese of Malolos
Guiguinto, Philippines

A beautiful record of the 40 years of history of the Carmelite nuns in Guiguinto, Philippes. Includes pictures from throughout the history of the monastery.

  S. Alberto degli Abbati – Carmelitano – Patrono di Trapani
VII Centenario del Transito al Cielo

by Eliseo Castoro and Valentina La Via Colli

The Acts of the Congress held in Trapani (Sicily), Italy in May 2006 intended as an introduction to the spiritual world of St. Albert, his charism and his model of holiness. Contains a wealth of pictures of the iconography of this early Carmelite.

Edizioni Carmelitane © 2006
ISBN 88-7288-059-9
206 pages

  Maria-Madeleine de’ Pazzi: Les Quarante Jours: Vingt-cinq relations mises en poèmes
Edited by Marie-Line Tromas

French text of the powerful mystical experiences of Carmelite St. Mary Magdelene de’ Pazzi during 40 days—an intense song of love for God and a cry of compassion for those who do not know him.

Marie-Line Tromas - © 2006
c//o Éditions de Bellefontaine
ISBN 13: 978-2-85589-995-4
124 pages


  Santa Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi: Una mistica che sa ascoltare e annunziare
by Bruno Secondin, O. Carm.

Pneuma Collection

Carmelite Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi, one of the great mystical saints, remains relatively unknown, also among Carmelites. While her spectacular ecstasies are easy to recall, this book explores her spiritual doctrine as her most precious gift to the Church. Edizioni - © 2007 |
ISBN 978-88-89840-14-6
Euro 5,50

  "Constretta dalla dolce verità, scrivo": L’Epistolario complete di Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi
by Chiara Vasciaveo

The entire collection of letters of the Carmelite saint, including those she personally received, taken from the originals or best known copies. Expansive introduction to Mary Magdalene’s spiritual theology.

Edizioni Nerbini |
302 pages
euro 18,00

  Vedere l’invisibile
Yohannes Indrakusuma, O. Carm.

Approccio dinamico al charisma del Carmelo – n. 7

An exploration of contemplation through the eyes of this noted Indonesian Carmelite. Includes a reflection on the challenges for the contemplative in the 21st century.

Centro Stampa Carmelitano – Roma © 2007
117 pages

  Il mio amore è troppo forte

Un itinerario di preghiera con Santa Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi (1566-1607)
By the Carmelite Nuns of Carmelo Sant’ Anna (Carpineto Romano)

Carmelo S. Anna © 2006