The participants at the International Carmelite Librariansí Meeting (Boxmeer, July 1-3, 2004) approved the following text for the creation of an Association, which formally binds this already existing body. This Association was approved by the General Council of the Order during it 159th session on December 10, 2004.       




1.         The Carmelite Library Association (CLA) is a voluntary association of autonomous libraries that contain significant collections of Carmelitana and are associated in some way with the Carmelite Order (O.Carm.).

2.         The purpose of the Carmelite Library Association is:

2.1       To foster cooperation amongst the various libraries associated with the Carmelite Order;

2.2.      To share information, resources and technology among the various Carmelite libraries and study centres;

2.3       To coordinate the biblio-technical work of the Carmelite Order to avoid duplication of effort and to increase effective use of personnel and resources;

2.4       To motivate and assist in the establishment of new Carmelite libraries, particularly in regions where the Order is growing.

3.         Membership in the Carmelite Library Association consists of:

3.1.      the General Delegate for Culture in the Order;

3.2       the representatives of the member libraries;

3.3.      and specialists in library work who are invited to be members.

4.         The officers of the Carmelite Library Association will be:

4.1.      The President. The General Delegate for Culture is automatically the President of the Association. It is his responsibility to convoke the meetings of the Association in consultation with the members.

4.2.      The General Secretary. The General Secretary is elected by the members to assist the President in his responsibilities, as the President delegates.

5..        Recording secretaries will be named from meeting to meeting. Other tasks will be delegated to members as needs arise.

6.         Meetings will be held at the discretion of the President after consulting with the members. Normally the place and date of the subsequent meeting will be set at the conclusion of each  meeting.

7.         Member libraries may withdraw from the association at any time with the consent of the Provincial or Major Superior to whom the library is in some way accountable.

8.         These Principles of Association may be amended by a simple majority of the membership of the Association present at any meeting.


Approved unanimously by the members present.
Boxmeer, Netherlands,
July 3rd 2004