no. 4   october - december 2006

General Chapter Preparation Awaits Community Responses

In preparation for the 2007 General Chapter, the Preparatory Commission met in April and October 2006. The Commission began by reflecting on the theme of the Chapter: "In obsequio Jesu Christi – a praying and prophetic community in a changing world". Among other things, the commission drew up a list of possible speakers, discussed the agenda of the Chapter, and prepared for the celebration of the Rule with the Carmelite Family. 

The "Seven Steps" booklet has already been distributed. This booklet contains guidelines for community meetings in preparation for the Chapter. The Commission asked in its first letter that communities and individuals submit their proposals and suggestions arising from these community meetings.

In order to facilitate the collation of these suggestions and the discussion of proposals at the Chapter, the Commission invites each province, commissariat or delegation, through their respective councils, to make a summary of the responses. Those communities which are in a cultural context different from that of their home province, may send their responses directly to the Commission.

The Commission’s first letter stated that communities or individuals may also send proposals directly to the Commission. All such proposals should be received by February 15, 2007, in time for the next meeting of the Commission. In this way the Commission will have sufficient time to examine the proposals and distribute them to the Chapter gremiales.

The Preparatory Commission commends the work of preparing for the Chapter to the prayers of all brothers and sisters. The Commission will be sending a stock of cards with the Chapter prayer.

The Preparatory Commission

The website of the 2007 General Chapter is:

Seven Meetings to Reflect on and Pray about the Theme of the Chapter

A small booklet has been published for the use of communities in preparation for the General Chapter which gives ideas for a series of community meetings around the chapter theme. The idea is that each house and each province will make suggestions and proposals to be considered and discussed by the chapter in 2007.

This booklet is being distributed to each member of the Order, via the Provincial Offices. The text is also available online at: