no. 4   october - december 2005

Update: Office of the Postulator General

The Cause of Ven. Angelo Paoli:

This cause received the votes necessary regarding the validity of the Apostolic Cause instructed in the Curia of Massa Carrara (Italy), from November 18, 1931 – July 5, 1932. This dealt with the presumed miraculous healing attributed to Ven. Angelo Paoli, in the person of Ms. Eglina Canozzi from a "collapsed womb with the loss of blood", which occurred in August 1927.

The opinion of the specialist on the supposed healing affirms that "On the basis of what occurs normally in clinical practice, it is verifiable that Ms. Eglina Canozzi was inexplicably cured."

At this point the Summary has been presented to the Office of the Revisor of the Acts. We are awaiting a response in order to continue the process for the study of this presumed miracle.

The Cause of Ven. Madre Candelaria di San Giuseppe:

The opinion given by the doctors in the office studying the Summary and the Acts of the diocesan cause, prepared by the Curia of Caracas, on the presumed miraculous birth of the child Milagros Candelaria, attributed to the intercession of Madre Candelaria, for the time being was judged to be scientifically inexplicable. We are waiting now for the medical Congress that will meet soon.

Cause of the Martyrs of the Catalonian Province: Servant of God Fr. Angel Mª Prat Hosten and his XVI companions

This cause received the necessary favorable votes from the theologians in the "Specific Congress on Martydom. At the end of the Congress, the theologians voted unanimously (9 out of 9).



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CISA Begins Academic Year With Mass and New Prior

Members of the Curia House and invited guests joined with the community of Centro Internazionale di Sant’ Alberto (CISA) in Rome to celebrate the beginning of the new academic year. Following a Mass celebrated by the Prior General, Joseph Chalmers and concelebrated by the Vice General, Carlo Cicconetti and the Prior of CISA, Wilmar Santin, the gathering adjoined to the recreation room for a drink and conversation. This was followed by a festive dinner.

In September, Wilmar Santin, a member of the Paraná Commissariate of the Upper German Province, began his term as prior of the international community. With 28 members in all, 11 are permanent members, 10 are students, five are long term guests, and two are members of the Donum Dei.

The community comes from the Provinces of Malta, Upper Germany (including two from India and 1 from Brazil), two from Poland, two from the Rio de Janeiro Province, two from Indonesia, two from PCM, 1 each from Italy, Pernambuco, Portugal, Neapolitan, Baetica, and Ireland.

All students at CISA are in graduate level studies. Four are studying spirituality, two are involved in biblical studies, one is in dogmatic, one in Mariology, one in canon law, and 1 in philosophy.

The long term guests at CISA come from Malta, Indonesia, Germany, the Middle East, and Italy.

Carmelite students from various regions of the Order came together for a "praying pilgrimage to the places in Castille, Spain, which are connected with our Carmelite tradition. The course, "Silent Music, Loud Solitude: Following His Footsteps" took place July 26 - August 5.

Such a course provides those in formation to meet and experience the internationality of the Order. Previous courses were held in Lisieux (1997) and in the Holy Land (2000).

On this course, John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila were the focus through conferences, prayer and visits to the places they lived and ministered.