Monastery of Santa Anna in Seville, Spain
April 3, 2002

On April 3, 2002, the Carmelite Nuns of the Monastery of Santa Anna in Seville, Spain held their elections with the following results:

Prioress: Sr. Mª Teresa Molina Sánchez, O. Carm.
Councilor and Director of Novices: Sr. Mª Odilia de Santa Inés Ferrerira de Viveiros, O. Carm.
Councilor: Sr. Anna Mª de Jesús Aparicio Fernández, O. Carm.
Councilor and Sacristan: Sr. Reinhild Maschke, O. Carm.
Councilor and Treasurer: Sr. Mª Isabel Moreno de la Torre, O. Carm.

The elections were presided over by Fr. Antonio Alcayde Peral, SS.CC. Episcopal Vicar for the Consecrated Life. He was assisted by Fr. Manuel Castro Román.

The Aragovalentina (Spain) Provincial Chapter
April 9-11, 2002

     The Chapter of the Aragovalentina Province was celebrated April 9-11, 2002 at "El Carmen" in Onda. David Oliver Flipo was elected Provincial and Tomás Ciscar Nadal was elected as Commissary Provincial of theAntilles. Also elected as members of the Provincial Council were: Councilor for Religious Life: Luis Gallardo Ganuza; Councilor for Formation: Desiderio García Martínez; Councilor for Ministry and Vocations: Salvador Batalla Villalonga; Coucilor for Finances: Vicente Aranda Guillén.

    After hearing the thoughts of the new Council, the new Provincial chose Carmelo Gómez Gálvez as the Assistant Provincial. The theme of the Chapter was "Fraternal Life: A Journey of Transformation".

    The first day of the Chapter, Ángel Adiudd Marrero Rosario made his solemn profession into the hands of the Prior General, Joseph Chalmers.

Chapter of the Castille Province
15 – 17 April, 2002

The Provincial chapter of Castile was held from 15th to 17th April at the Marian shrine of El Henar in Cuellar, Segovia.
The chapter theme was "Fraternity and Mission – the Journey Continues" and this is to be guiding principle of the plan for the province for the next three years. The chapter also took into account recent documents of the Church, those of the General Chapter of 2001, the plan of the General Council and the guidelines of the Ratio Institutionis.Vitae Carmelitanae.

The following were elected:

Prior Provincial: Luiz Ortis Serran, O. Carm.
First councillor – Fraternity: Florentino Bocos Priante, O. Carm.
Second councillor – Apostolate: Miguel Angel Pérez Gutiérrez, O. Carm.
Third councillor - Formation and Vocations: Tomás de la Cámera y López, O. Carm.
Fourth councillor – Finance: Marín A. Lozano Moreno, O. Carm.
Provincial Secretary - Miguel Angel Pérez Gutierréz, O. Carm.

Chapter of the General Commissariat of Portugal

April 22-24, 2002

The Chapter of the General Commissariat of Portugal was celebrated April 22-24, 2002 in the Casa Beato Nuno in Fatima, Portugal, with the Prior General, Joseph Chalmers, presiding. He was accompanied by the General Councilor for the Mediterranean Region, Rafael Leiva Sánchez, O. Carm.

Elected to office were:

General Commissary: Enrique Augusto Martins, O. Carm.
1st Councilor: António Monteiro, O. Carm.
2.º Consejero: Ricardo dos Reis Rainho, O. Carm.
3.º Consejero: Domingos Matos Novais, O. Carm.
4.º Consejero: Agostinho Marques de Castro, O. Carm.

The most important themes dealt with the priorities for the fraternal and community life: Ministry, Mission, and proposals that were presented.

Chapter of the Catalonian Province

April 30 - May 1, 2002

The Chapter of the Province of the Most Holy Redeemer of Catalonia was celebrated April30-May 1 under the presidency of the Prior General, Joseph Chalmers and with the assistance of Councilor for the Mediterranean Region, Rafael Leiva.
The first of the Chapter, after the talk of the Prior General, the Prior Provincial’s report on the spiritual and material state of the Province was given as well as the Provincial Bursar’s report and those of the priors of the houses. Those who had been previously elected by mail were confirmed in office. The election involved everyone in the Province who is in solemn vows. The Provincial Council will be made up of:

Prior Provincial: Manuel Bonilla, O.Carm.
1st Councilor: Joan Güell, O.Carm.
2nd Councilor:: Pere Soler, O.Carm.
3rd Councilor: Gaspar Borda, O.Carm.
4th Councilor: Lluís Bosch, O.Carm.

Joan Vilà i Canals, O. Carm., was also confirmed in the office of Commissary Provincial of Venezuela.
The following day, the Chapter has time to discuss and then vote on the proposals concerning community life, changes in the Provincial Statutes, formation and pastoral ministries. The results will be included in the program for the Province for the next three years which was recommended to the new Provincial Council.
The Provincial Chapter closed with some words from the Prior General, calling for the journey to continue with enthusiasm.

Monastery of the Sacred Heart
May 6, 2002

On May 6, 2002, the Carmelite Nuns of the Monastery of the Sacred Heart in Hudson, Wisconsin held their elections with the following results:

Prioress: Sr. Mary O'Neill, O.Carm.
First Councilor: Sr. Gemma Angelo, O.Carm.
Second Councilor: Sr. Jane Winkler, O.Carm.
Treasurer: Sr. Gemma Angelo, O.Carm.
Directress of Formation: Sr. Lucia LaMontagne, O.Carm.

Bishop Raphael Fliss, Bishop of the Diocese of Superior, Wisconsin presided over the election process.