no. 3   july - september 2005

Liam Nugent, O. Carm. (Hib)

Fr. Liam Nugent, O. Carm., a member of the Whitefriar Street (Dublin) Community, died on April 23rd 2005 after a long illness.

Liam was born in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, on February 3rd 1934. He made his First Profession in Kinsale on October 10th 1954. He earned his B.A. Degree and Higher Diploma in Education at University College Dublin. Liam was ordained on July 16th 1961. He taught and was chaplain in schools. He also served as National Director of the Third Order/Lay Carmel in Ireland. Liam had a special devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and organised many pilgrimages in her honour over the years. In recent years he devoted himself to ministry at Whitefriar Street Church where he was especially kind to the many people who needed a listening ear.

Thomas (Ferdinand) Schaefer, O. Carm. (PCM)

Fr. Tom Schaefer, O. Carm., a member of the PCM Province, died on April 26th 2005 in the Carmelite community in Venice, Florida (USA).

He was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA) on July 17, 1922. He made his First Profession on October 8, 1944. He was ordained priest on June 7, 1948.

Pawlin Cremona, O. Carm. (Mel)

Pawlin Cremona, a member of the Maltese Province, died on May 5, 2005. He was 73 years old.
Fr. Pawlin was born on March 6, 1932 in Valletta (Malta). He made his first profession on October 16, 1949 and was ordained priest on March 17, 1956.

Maria Wijnhoven, O. Carm. (ECH)

Sr. Maria Wijnhoven, a member of the enclosed monastery of Echt, The Netherlands, died on May 8, 2005. She was 101 years old and recently celebrated her 70th anniversary of Solemn Vows.

Sr. Maria was born in Wanssum, Limburg on April 4, 1904. She professed Simple Vows on February 19, 1932.

Gerry Farrell, O. Carm. (Hib)

Gerry Farrell, a member of the Irish Province, died on Friday, May 12, 2005. A native of Belfast, he was born in 1914 and made his Simple Profession in the Order in 1931 and was ordained to the priesthood six years later.

In his many years in the Order he worked in our communities in Moate, Co Westmeath, Knocktopher, Co Kilkenny, Kinsale, Co Cork and for a time in Zimbabwe. He moved to Whitefriar Street in 1971 and was, for a time, chaplain to the South Dublin Union (now St James’ Hospital) where he died. Early in his priesthood he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and learned to care for his health.

A man with great humor and charm, he commented in recent years that he should have died when he was really sick in 1943 rather than from the minor ailments he had in his latter years.

Jan van Wijngaarden, O. Carm. (Neer)

Fr. Jan van Wijngaarden, a member of the Dutch Province, died on May 14, 2005. He was 74 years old.

Fr. Jan was born on March 13, 1931 in Hilversum. He made his first profession on September 10, 1956 and was ordained priest on July 9, 1961.

Maximilian Wagner, O. Carm. (GerS)

Fr. Maximilian Wagner, a member of the Upper German Province, died on May 16, 2005 at the age of 76 years.

He was born on June 2, 1929 and professed in Carmel on September 8, 1951. He taught Latin and Greek for more than 30 years in the Theresianum, the Carmelite school in Bamberg, Germany.

María Isabel Mejías García, O. Carm. (ARA)

Sr. María Isabel, a member of the enclosed monastery of Aracena, Spain, died on May 26, 2005. She was 72 years old.

Sr. Mª Isabel was born in Aguadulce (Seville), Spain on March 30, 1933. She professed her Simple Vows on November 27, 1954. During her 52 years of religious life, she ministered to the Carmelite community as prioress and treasurer as well as in other roles. She had an open personality, was welcoming and demonstrated great affection for a sisters of the community.

Bernulph Alink, O. Carm. (GerI)

Fr. Bernulph (Johannes Bernardus Maria), a member of the Lower German Province, died on June 23, 2005. He was 78 years old.
Fr. Bernulph was born on February 19, 1927 in Enschede (Netherlands). He made his first profession on September 10, 1949 and was ordained priest on July 15, 1955.

Hendrikus (Henk) Poelma, O. Carm. (Neer)

Fr. Henk, a member of the Dutch Province, died on July 8, 2005. He was 85 years old.
Fr. Henk was born on May 23, 1920 in Uithuizen (Netherlands). He made his first profession on September 14, 1942 and was ordained priest on July 11, 1948 in Merkelbeek.