no. 3   july - september 2007

  Regula Ordinis Fratrum Beatissimae Virginis Mariae de Monte Carmelo

A pocket sized book with the Carmelite Rule in Latin and in various modern languages. This was created by the General Council for the celebration of the 800th Anniversary of St. Albert giving a formula vitae to the first Carmelites on Mount Carmel.

Edizioni Carmelitane © 2007 |
(Distributed to members through the Provincial Offices and monasteries)

  Mártires de Ayer y de Hoy: Héroes del Amor a Cristo
Octavio y Rafael Mª López Melús, O. Carm.

A short summary of many of the major martyrs for the faith from the early days of Christianity until recent times. Many of the figures are discussed for only a page or two, providing a significant summary of the topic.

Edibesa © 2007 |
ISBN: 978-84-8407-162-4
319 pages

  Infanzia nello Spirito: Teresa di Lisieux/Kierkegaard - Cristiani e geni della modernità
Eliseo Castoro, O. Carm.

A comparative study of two figures, Therese of Lisieux and Soren Kierkegaard, who while appearing to be so distinct, were actually quite similar.

Il Pozzo di Giacobbe © 2007 |
ISBN: 978-88-6124-016-2
257 pages
19,00 euro

  Il B. Jean Soreth: Priore Generale, Riformatore, e Maestro Spirituale dell’Ordine Carmelitano
Giovanni Grosso, O. Carm.

As Prior General of the Order, Jean Soreth travelled across Europe to preside at Chapters, visit the provinces, and meet with the various religious in order to gain supporters for his reforms. This book explores the experience of a Carmelite who was passionate about his own vocation, about theology, and about the Bible.

Edizioni Carmelitane © 2007 |
ISBN: 978-88-7288-060-9
315 pages + 16 of pictures and maps


  Santa Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi: Esperienze e dottrina
Bruno Secondin, O. Carm.

This work, now in its second edition (with an updated bibliography), is already an indispensable tool for understanding the times, the life, and the spiritual experience of the Florentine mystic. The detailed research and the style of presentation make this a very worthwhile work.

Edizioni Carmelitane © 2007 (second edition) |
ISBN: 978-88-7288-099-9
527 pages

  Pietre e fuoco: sui passi di santa Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi, carmelitana fiorentina
Gianfranco Tuveri, O. Carm.

Published on the 400th anniversary of the death of the saint, the book takes the reader to the places where the saint lived and where her spirit continues to live today. From the traces of her own spiritual journey, it is possible for the reader to find signs of the indestructible love of God.

Edizioni Feeria: Comunità di San Leolino © 2007
ISBN: 978-88-87699-89-0
139 pages

  Familiar Matter of Today
Joachim Smet, O. Carm.

Best known for his comprehensive history of the Carmelite Order, Fr. Jochim Smet is also a poet. This book is a collection of some 30 poems he composed over the years— beginning in the 1930’s. Some have appeared in national publications. Others have never been published before.

Edizioni Carmelitane © 2007 |
ISBN: 978-88-7288-092-0
85 pages

  Lliberada Ferrarons: Una Fe Sempre Jove
Miguel Àngel Ferrés i Fluvià

This recent biography captures the life and virtue of this young female worker from the Catalonian region of Spain with the language of today, skillfully uniting history with the lives of people today. The reader is confronted with the simplicity of the faith of a young women who lived in poverty and with sickness. It is a catechetical book that allows the reader to capture the essentials of Christian spirituality. At the same time, it is another opportunity to know and love someone who is already considered a saint by many.

Centre de Pastoral Litúrgica |
ISBN: 978-84-9805-169-8
220 pages

  Diamond Jubilee (1946-2006) of the Carmelites in Zimbabwe
Michael Hender, O. Carm., editor

An issue of Carmeletter produced in May 2007 for the Diamond Jubilee of the Carmelite presence in Zimbabwe the previous year, this book has a number of memories and comments by members who either live or worked in the Zimbabwean Carmelite mission. There are also several pages of photos of past and present. A fitting tribute to the milestone of 60 years!

Available from the Irish Province