no. 1   january - march 2005

  Fulgores inmaculistas del Carmelo
By Rafael María López Melús, O. Carm.

In honor of the 150th anniversary of the definition of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, Fr. Melús first takes the reader on a brief and general survey of the dogma. He then spends the remaining 22 chapters on a detailed study of the Immaculate Conception in Carmel, its place in Carmelite liturgy, the writings of its saints and near saints, and even the controversies about it within the Order over the centuries.

Available from: AMACAR
© 2004 AMACAR – Onda, Spain
221 pages

  La Piccola Araba: Maria di Gesù Crocifisso (Marjam Bauouardy)
By Amédée Brunot

Presenze Vive Collection

The story of a life that presents all of the gifts of the Spirit—ecstasy, levitations, stimatas, trasverberation, apparitions, prophecies, bi-location, angelic possession, as well as the gift of poetry in a woman who was illiterate. A Carmelite conversa, her passionate 33 year existence has fascinated many Catholic intellectuals.

Available from: Edizioni OCD –
© 2004 Edizioni OCD
215 pages
ISBN 88-7229-225-5
Euro 11,50

  Padre Tito: Un dono per gli altri
By Sonia Camporese

This short work is the result of the authors trip to the Dachau concentration camp and a desire to expose the conditions in which the prisoners lives. She adapted the book to a exploration of the life of Titus Brandsma to bring some ray of light, some small hope to the inhumane situation she found on her visit to the infamous death camp.

64 pages

  The Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the Shrine of St. Jude

Faversham, Kent (England)

A 24 page guide to the church and shrine with pictures of some of the statues and stained glass windows.

Available from: Shrine of St. Jude
© 2004 British Province of Carmelites
24 pages
ISBN 0-904849-26-0

  La Voce del Silenzio
By Lucio Renna, O. Carm. – Bishop of Avezzano, Italy

Fifty two pages of pictures of nature by the great artist Slim and poetic reflection by Bishop Renna focused on the value of silence.

Available from: Diocese of Avezzano
© 2004 Diocese of Avezzano
24 pages
ISBN 0-904849-26-0

  El Carmelo: Guía de los Conventos Carmelitas OCARM y OCD en la Península Ibérica
Edited by Fernando Donaire, OCD

A useful, valuable record of each Province and all the Carmelite houses throughout Spain and Portugal. Also contains a listing of enclosed monasteries and affiliated Congreagations and Institutes, and Confraternities.

Available from: Any of the Iberian Provinces
© 2004
333 pages

  Proprio della Liturgia delle Ore dell’Ordine Carmelitano

Second edition of the Carmelite supplement to the Liturgy of the Hours, facilitating the celebration of the Office on Carmelite feasts. Updated to include all the new saints and blessed created since the 1974 edition.

© 2004 – Centro Stampa Carmelitano
479 pages

  Jesus Formador
By Carlos Mesters, O. Carm.
Bebendo na Fonte Collection

This short work is the second volume in the Bebenda na Fonte series of Carmelite spirituality being published in Brazil. As is the style of Frei Carlos in his speaking and writing, this volume is a very practical explanation, useful for all.

Available from: General Secretary for the Carmelites in Latin America and the Caribbean –

© 2004 – Secretaria Geral a Ordem do Carmo para América Latina e Caribe
75 pages

  Carmel in Britain: vol 3 – The Hermits from Mount Carmel
By Richard Copsey, O. Carm.

A joint publication of St. Albert’s Press in England and Edizioni Carmelitane in Rome, this new volume in the study of the early history of the Carmelite Order in Britain highlights the medieval Carmelites’ literary and spiritual achievements while reassessing preconceptions about the Order’s historiography.

Available from: St. Albert’s Press ( and Edizioni Carmelitane (

© British Province of Carmelites
513 pages
ISBN 0-904849-23-6 (St. Albert’s Press)
ISBN 88-7288-074-2 (Edizioni Carmelitane)

  Regola del Carmelo

This is a very handsome edition of the Rule of St. Albert with an appropriate picture for each section from the Carmelite monastery of S. Anna in Carpineto Romano.

Available from: Carmelo S. Anna –

© 2004 Monache Carmelitane – Carmelo S. Anna
39 pages

  Servir Com Alegria
Irmãs Missionárias Carmelitas

Thirteen songs from Sr. Miriam Trajano of the Congregation of Irmãs Missionárias Carmelitas.

Available from the Congregation

  Caminante Soy
Blanca Auroroa Valdés, HCSCJ

With the mission to "give glory to God by serving the poorest", these members of the Congregation of Las Hermanas Carmelitas del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús offer these 14 songs.

Available from: San Pablo Musicales (Madrid)

  Christus heri et hodie. Principium et finis. Alpha et omega
By Giuseppe Midili, O. Carm.

The study of the celebration of Eucharist on the Sundays of Advent in the 1975 Missale Romanum, this work is an excerpt of Midili’s doctoral dissertation in Sacred Liturgy from the Pont. Athenaeum S. Anselmi in Rome.

© 2004
189 pages