no. 1   january - march 2005

General Chapter of the Congregation of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Sister Elizabeth Fitzpatrick has been elected president-elect of the Congregation of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Sisters Lawrence Habetz, Janet LeBlanc, Donna Girard and Barbara Nell Laperouse will serve as councilors.

The sisters met for their Thirty-Third General Chapter at Mount Carmel Academy in New Orleans December 28 - January 1. Fifty-four delegates, including sisters from the United States and the Philippines, attended the Chapter proceedings.

Sister Elizabeth Fitzpatrick is serving on the Executive Council and is Formation Director for the Congregation. She is professor of Spirituality and Pastoral Formation at Notre Dame Seminary. In collaboration with other Carmelites, she assisted in the establishment of the Intra-Carmelite Formation Program which annually brings together Carmelite men and women in formation in the Order of Carmel and the Order of Discalced Carmelites in the United States.

The sisters have served in Louisiana since Nov. 1, 1833. In 1960 they established a mission in the Philippines. In addition to their missionary work, they are currently involved in child care, special education, elementary, high school and college education, nursing and health care, parish ministry, Lay Carmelite ministry, art ministry, justice and peace ministry, vocation ministry, seminary ministry, care for the elderly, prison ministry and in prayer, service and hospitality. The latest ministry of the Sisters of Mount Carmel is the Carmelite Spirituality Center in Lacombe, LA.

In 2008 the Sisters of Mount Carmel will celebrate 175 years of service.

The website of the Congregation is:

Electoral Chapter of Carmelo "Presentación de Maria Santísima" (VIC)

The Carmelite monastery, Carmelo de la Presentación de Maria Santísima de Vic (Barcelona), Espana, in Vic (Barcelona), Spain, held its triennial elective Chapter July 30 - August 1, 2004 in the presence of Mons. Romá Casanova.

Elected to office for three years were:
     Prioress: María Francesca Donada Sitjar, O. Carm.
     1st Councilor: María Estrella Lavado, O. Carm.
     2nd Councilor: María Rosa Pujol Cruells, O. Carm.
     Treasurer: María Francesca Donada Sitjar, O. Carm.

Elective Chapter of Carmel of Our Lady of Nazareth (CAB)

The Carmelite community of Cabanatuan City in the Philippine held their triennial chapter on August 14, 2004. It was presided over by the Administrator Bishop, Sofronio A. Bancud, SSS, in the Diocese of Cabanatuan.

Elected were:
     Prioress: Ma.Cristina of the Divine Mercy Gadrinab, O. Carm.
     1st Councilor: Ma. Leoncia de Jesus Sampana, O. Carm.
     2nd Councilor/Director of Novices: Ma. Therese of the Infant Jesus, O. Carm.
     3rd Councilor: Ma. Elena of the Holy Face Santos, O. Carm.
     4th Councilor: Mary del Carmen of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cacayurin, O. Carm.
     Treasurer: Ma. Herminia de Jesus de la Cruz, O. Carm.
     Sacristan: Ma. Regina of Jesus Gutierrez, O. Carm.

Electoral Chapter of Monastery of Santa Teresa de Jesús (SDO)

The triennial elective chapter of the Monastery of Santa Teresa de Jesús in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to place on November 4, 2004. The Chapter was presided over by Cardinal López Rodríguez.

Elected were:
     Prioress: Rosa Mª de la Epifanía, O. Carm.
     First Councilor: María José Bernal, O. Carm.
     Second Councilor: Consuelo Hernández, O. Carm.
     Third Councilor: Magarita Frías Abreu, O. Carm.
     Fourth Councilor: Teresita María de la Cruz, O. Carm.
     Director of Novices: María Isabel de la Trinidad, O. Carm.
     Treasurer: Margarita Frías Abreu, O. Carm.

Elective Chapter of the Encarnation Monastery of Granada, Spain (GRA)

On December 2, 2004, the Carmelite Monastery of the Incarnation in Granada, Spain held their elective chapter.

Elected were:
     Prioress: Mª Dolores Montes Márquez, O. Carm.
     First Councilor: Mª de los Ángeles Talavera López, O. Carm.
     Second Councilor: Mª del Carmen Guerrero Covaleda, O. Carm.
     Third Councilor: Mª Rosa López Vilchez, O. Carm.
     Fourth Councilor: Mª Lourdes Santos Álvarez, O. Carm.
     Director of Novices: Mª de los Ángeles Talavera López, O. Carm.
     Treasurer: Mª Winfred Nzisa, O. Carm.
     Sacristan: Mª Regina Mukonyo, O. Carm.

Electoral Chapter of Carmel of Mary, Star of the Sea (TAN)

On December 21, 2004, the triennial canonical election of the Carmel of Mary, Star of the Sea Carmelite monastery in Tanay, Rizal, Philippines was held. The Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit was presided over by His Excellency, The Most Reverend Gabriel V. Reyes, D.D., Bishop of Antipolo.

The results of the Elections were:
     Prioress and Director of Novices - Maria de los Angeles de Jesus Perez, O. Carm.
st Councilor – Ma. Modesta de la Stma. Trinidad Mendoza, O. Carm.
nd Councilor – Ma. de Jesus Hervas, O. Carm.
rd Councilor – Ma. Esperanza of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Cecilio, O. Carm.
th Councilor and Treasurer– Ma. Cynthia of the Sacred Heart Santos, O. Carm.
     Sacristan – Mary Grace of the Crucified and Risen Jesus Bruno, O. Carm.

Electoral Chapter of the Province of Pernambuco (Pern)

The Chapter of the Pernambuco Province in Brazil was celebrated January 3 – 7, 2005. Elected were:
     Provincial: Francisco de Sales Alencar Batista, O. Carm.
     First Councilor: Dárcio Azevedo Santos, O. Carm.
     Second Councilor: Rosivaldo Torres de Lima, O. Carm.
     Third Councilor: Francisco Damião da Silva, O. Carm.
     Fourth Councilor: Geraldo de Araújo Lima, O. Carm.

Elective Charter of the Province of St. Elias (Rio)

The Chapter of the Province of St. Elias, centered in Rio de Janeiro, was held January 10-14, 2005. Geraldo D’Abadia Pires Maciel , O. Carm., was re-elected provincial.

Elected to serve on the Province’s Council were:
st Councilor – Marcelo Frezarini, O. Carm.
nd Councilor – Alberto Fernandes de Souza, O. Carm.
     3rd Councilor – Gilvander Luis Moreira, O. Carm.
th Councilor – Joao Carlos Dias, O. Carm.

Elective Chapter of the Paraná Commissariat (GerS-P)

The Chapter of the Paraná Commissariat of the Upper German Province was held January 17-21, 2005. On the evening of the 19th elections were held for Commissary and Councilors.

Elected were:
     Commissary: Edmilson Borges de Carvalho, O. Carm.
     1st Councilor: Ivani Pinheiro Ribeiro, O. Carm.
     2nd Councilor: Francisco Manoel de Oliveira, O. Carm.
     3rd Councilor: Josué Ghizoni, O. Carm.
     4th Councilor: Gentil Lima, O. Carm.