Guildelines for Submitting Articles to CITOC

CITOC is a newsmagazine published by the Office of Communications of the Carmelite Order in Rome, Italy. It is published four times each year and also appears in electronic form on the CITOC website. It is distributed around the world to Carmelite priories, monasteries, and Lay Carmelite Groups and individuals in three languages. In general, submission of information should be an electronic form, left margins aligned with ragged right margins, single spaced, and without any special formatting. Anything submitted should be written in one of the three official languages of the Carmelite Order—English, Spanish, or Italian.

We welcome submissions in the following areas which regularly appear in each issue of CITOC:

News From Around the Order

Articles should be of general interest to the members of the Carmelite Family (major events within a Province, monastery, or Lay Carmelite Group). They should be 250-400 words in length and written in journalistic or interview style. (ie. The writer is the observer and inquirer, not the subject of the article.) It is preferred that articles be submitted electronically and in one of the official languages of the Order-- English, Spanish or Italian. Some editing may be necessary.

We welcome pictures if they help "tell the story" visually. Sometimes a "portrait picture" is more appropriate (See below for specific requirements for pictures submitted)

Elective Chapters of Provinces, Hermitages, and Enclosed Monasteries

This information is normally submitted to either the General Secretary (in the case of Provincial Chapters) or to the General Delegate for the Nuns (in the case of enclosed monasteries). CITOC receives the news from those sources if a copy has not been sent directly to CITOC. This news usually appears in the e-zine CITOC-online prior to appearing in CITOC.

Res Carmelitana

This section, which appears according to space available, gives news about recently available books, magazines, CD’s, audio tapes, audio-visual tapes about or by Carmelites or on Carmelite topics. We also print news about food stuffs or other products produced by Carmelites and for sale. Articles should be 75-150 words in length. Some editing may be necessary.

Each submission must have an email address or website where the item can be purchased or where further information can be obtained. It is strongly suggested that the price also be given.

In addition to contact information, books, CD’s and tapes should give their publisher’s name, copyright date, and ISBN.

A clear picture of the item should be submitted or a copy of the item itself should be sent to the CITOC office. (See below for specific requirements for pictures submitted)

Life in Carmel

The section, which appears according to the space available, lists ordinations, professions, initiation of novitiate, and doctoral defenses. This information is normally submitted by the superior of the province or monastery to the General Secretary with a copy to CITOC. Submissions should include the person’s full name, the location of the event, and the date it took place.

Obituaries of Members of the Order

This information should include date and place of birth, date of first profession and ordination, if applicable, and a 40-80 word summary of ministries, characteristics, etc. This information is normally submitted within a few days of the death by the superior of the province or monastery to the General Secretary with a copy to CITOC.


The following "thematic sections" appear twice annually in CITOC:


This is a rather broad topic which includes academic research, advanced academic degrees, and the patrimony of the Order. Articles about Carmelite artwork (windows, statues, paintings, etc), music, literature, and buildings are welcome. Articles about research being done in the areas of Carmelite spirituality or history as well as other areas somehow related to the Order would be appropriate. Information about our museums, libraries, and archives or about specific items in these holdings are also welcome.

Articles should be 250-400 words in length. Some editing may be necessary.


Articles featured in this section deal with current practices in communications around the Carmelite Family, new trends, or items of interest for those building a strong communications program.

Articles should be 250-400 words in length. Some editing may be necessary.

The Carmelite NGO

Articles examining justice and peace initiatives of Carmelites, Carmelite Provinces, or members of affiliated Congregations and Institutes. The Carmelite NGO is affiliated to the United Nations Department of Public Information. Items should be sent directly to CITOC to be considered for publication (

Lay Carmelites [Isidore Bakanja Bulletin]

The Isidore Bakanja Bulletin is the official publication of the International Commission for Lay Carmelites. Items should be sent directly to the bulletin editor, Ms Anita Renehan, T.O.Carm. (



Guidelines for Submitting a Picture for Publication

We want to publish pictures that "tell the story." Pictures showing some action are much more interesting. Peoples’ faces should be clearly visible and of sufficient size to be recognizable when the picture is printed. We try to avoid pictures of many people lined up for a group picture.

An explanation of the picture, the names of those in the picture, what date it was taken, and who gets credit for taking the picture (or which collection it comes from, for example "Photo from General Archives, Rome") should be submitted with the picture.

Sometimes CITOC contains "picture stories," that is a picture with an extended caption. In these cases, the text should be no more than 75-150 words long, including a suitable title. Some editing may be necessary.

Pictures should be submitted via the internet. They should be in color, at least 5 inches in measurement of width or length, and clear. They must be high resolution—266 dpi or higher. They should be free of any copyrights.

In the case of a "res carmelitana" item (recently published books, videos, tapes, other products), a picture 3 inches in width or length is sufficient.