no. 2   april - june 2007

CISA Celebrates 700th Anniversary of the Death of Its Patron, St. Albert of Sicily

The Carmelite Family gathered at Centro Internazionale Sant’Alberto to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of St. Albert of Trapani, the patron of the college on March 4, 2007.

Following words of welcome from the Prior, Wilmar Santin, O. Carm., the Prior General, Joseph Chalmers, spoke about the history of the college and its important role through the years in developing the academic status of the Order.

Giovanni Grosso, O. Carm., spoke on "St. Albert degli Abbati: A Saint of Yesterday for Today." This was followed by a presentation by Emanuele Boaga on "The Iconography of St. Albert."

The formal part of the evening finished with the presentation of the book S. Albert degli Abbati- vita e iconografia. Following the celebration of vespers, the community and guests moved to the dining room for a buffet.

The current building that houses CISA was built in 1901 and underwent major renovations in 2000. It had been approved in the General Chapter of 1889 in order to rebuild after the suppression of the Order in many areas and the loss of monasteries in Italy following the unification of the country. From 1901 until 1967 it was the seat of the Order’s curia. In 1920 the Studium generale with faculties of philosophy and theology was revived. It continued until 1967 when students were sent to Roman universities. It is estimated that in that time, one third of the Order’s members attended St. Albert’s, providing for a strong international experience among a large number of Carmelites.

Since 1951, CISA has been the base of the Institutum Carmelitanum, the scientific research entity of the Order in Rome. It also houses Biblioteca Carmelitana, the world’s largest collection of Carmelite books and the General Archives of the Order prior to 1935.

The back portion of the building is the Domus Carmelitana, a hotel for pilgrims to Rome.

Among those who lived in the current CISA building were Blessed Titus Brandsma, Blessed Hilarius Januszewski, Servant of God Carmelo Moyano Linares, and German Carmelite Elois Ehrlich.

Celebrations for the 400th Anniversary of the Death of Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi

(Due to printing deadlines and the actual anniversary of St. Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi on May 25, only preliminary information about celebrations taking place in May could be included in this issue. Readers are welcome to submit information about other celebrations for inclusion in the July-September 2007 issue of CITOC)

Florence, Italy

May 25th
In the morning, there will be a Eucharist celebrated by the Prior General and members of the General Council at the monastery of St. Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi in Florence. In the evening, there is a Eucharist celebrated by the Archbishop of Florence, Ennio Cardinal Antonelli, at Il Carmine.

May 26th
A conference on the life and spirituality of the saint at Il Carmine.

May 27th
A Eucharistic celebration with the Carmelite Family at Il Carmine.

Las Palmas, Canary Islands

The Carmelite nuns of the monastery of Santa Ana in Las Palmas, Canary Islands (Spain) had a lectio divina on Sunday, April 15th in preparation for the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the saint’s death.

Members of the Carmelite Family as well as friends were invited to participate.

Carmelite Nuns - Jesi, Italy

May 17th
Clergy retreat

May 22th
Exposition and explanation of the painting of the Crucifixion with St. Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi.

May 23rd
Way of the Cross of St. Maria Magdalena de’ Pazzi presented by
the Carmelite Third Order of Jesi.

May 24th
Eucharistic Adoration

Presentations on the Life of St. Mary Magdalena de’ Pazzi Given at Rome

The Institute San Pier Tommaso of the Italian Province of Carmelites, in collaboration with the Pontifical Theology Faculty Marianum in Rome, held a study conference on the life of St. Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi on April 19, 2007. The conference, held at the Marianum campus, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of the Florentine Carmelite saint.

The evening was presided over by Rafael Leiva Sánchez, General Councilor for the Meditteranean Region, in the name of the Prior General.

Among those present were Claudio Bellotti, Prior Provincial of the Italian Province, and members of the province as well as a large number of members of other congregations and laity.

During the evening, Fr. Silvano Maggiani, OSM, president of the Marianum, Giovanni Grosso, O. Carm., moderator of the meeting, Pedro Bravo, O. Carm., who gave a talk on the life and works of St. Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi; Paola Moschetti, Carmelite hermit, who spoke on Maria Magdalene: from Ectasy to Life; Luca M. DiGirolamo, OSM, prefessor at the Marianum, with starting points of the spiritual experience of the saint; and Mrs. Mira Andriolo who read some passages from the writings of the saint.