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Gott lebt! Sie sind seine Zeugen
Helga-Maria M. Jaeger

A few days before Benedikt XVI, the new Pope from Germany, was elected, the "Karmelitanische Gemeinschaft" (Carmelite Family) of Straubing published – at the instigation of Fr. Elias Steffen O.Carm. – this compendium in German of some prominent and some less prominent figures in Carmelite spirituality.

In the very precise use of the legion of sources, Helga Maria Jaeger, a retired professor of German and history in Straubing and member of the Carmelite Family, presents a number of shorter biographies in understandable language. There is a short source text (in the original German or translation). Elsewhere excerpts are translations of actual Carmelite documents, questions and points for meditation and a closing prayer.

The first volume -- following some introductory material including the process for canonization and beatification as well as lectio divina – includes entries for St. Joseph and "Mary of Mount Carmel" – 65 "holy, blessed and patron" members of the entire Carmelite family over the centuries. Also included are some of the more legendary figures, since dropped from the liturgical calendar, such as Brocardus and Cyrillus of Constantinople.

The second volume contains 108 "Servants of God and Venerables of Carmel", arranged by year of birth. Perhaps listing by date of death would have made been better.

There are very helpful indices -- both alphabetical and chronological -- of the content and the individuals, a rich selection of pictures including their sources, some imaginative graphics, as well as an index to the literature on the person.

While respectful of the enormous work done by the author, one negative would be that the presentations of some prominent figures like Teresa of Avila, Edith Stein (Teresia Benedicta a Cruce), and John of the Cross are missing any information about German editions of their writings and source texts.

Nevertheless, this book is in the tradition of Saggi’s "Santi del Carmelo" but actually surpassing it to open new doors to the richness of the Carmelite spiritual tradition.

© 2005 – Helga-Maria Jaeger
Available from: Karmelitanische Gemeinschaft Straubing

Vol 1: 528 pages
Vol 2: 592 pages
42,90 euro + shipping



La "puritas cordis"
Tuveri/O’Leary/De Lima Gouvêa O. Carm.

Available from: Ediciones Carmelitas
C/Ayala, 35 – 28001 Madrid
© Madrid 2004 –
ISBN: 84-88609-08-6
85 pages


La Oración en el Carmelo
Mariano Cera, O. Carm.

The 11th volume of the Spanish version of the International Commission for the Study of the Charism and Spirituality of the Order series of the charism of Carmel. This number focuses on the role of prayer in the life of a Carmelite.

Available from: Ediciones Carmelitas
C/Ayala, 35 – 28001 Madrid
© Madrid 2004 –
ISBN: 84-88609-07-08
134 pages


Lectio Divina
Carlos Mesters O.Carm.

Indonesian language edition of Mesters book on how to pray the Scriptures using lectio divina.

Available from: Penerbit Karmelindo
ISBN: 979-3725-08-7
139 pages


P. Enrique Maria Esteve
Rafael María López, carmelita

A book to honor this "model Carmelite, biblical scholar, and mariologist" on the 100th anniversary of his birth. Fr. Enrique inspired many religious and secular clergy during his time as a teacher, novice director, prior provincial, local prior, writer and as spiritual director. Includes his biography, various remembrances from Carmelite men and women on his 80th birthday (1985) and from friends and family on the 10th anniversary of his death (2000).

Available from: AMACAR, Apostolado mariano-carmelita
© 2005
275 pages


Parola pregata: Preghiere dell’anno liturgico "A"
Antonio Merico, O. Carm.

At a time when prayer is seen by some to be a luxury and to live as a Christian requires deep conviction, the book of Antonio Merico, a Carmelite priest, "Parola pregata", is a clear sign of spirituality and prayer. Fr. Antonio has worked in various ministries, some of great significance: with youth, with drug addicts, and with the imprisoned. This is a book of prayer born out of the experience of the Word of God in relation to daily life.

Available from: Editrice ELLEDICI.  Turin, Italy
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© 2004


Carmelita a Toda Costa: Beata Maria Crocifissa Curcio
Rafael María López Melús, carmelita

This small biography helps to uncover the treasure of Madre Crocifissa. Through the life of this modern "blessed" one can come to a deeper understanding of the spirit of Carmel as well.

Available from: AMACAR, Apostolado mariano-carmelita
76 pages

  Fammi sentire la tua voce
Bruno Secondin, O. Carm.

Ten selections from the Hebrew Scriptures of the Bible to assist in the lectio divina for individuals and for groups. Each selection includes exegetical notes and there is an appendix of meditative refrains in Italian.

Available: Paoline Editoriale Libri
© 2004 Milano Stampa: Ancora Arti Grafiche –Milano- 2004
155 pages
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Backwards into the Future: Meditations on the Letter to the Hebrews
John Fitzgerald, O. Carm.

Includes a guide to Lectio Divina by Carlos Mesters, O. Carm. The author reminds Christians of all denominations of the vital importance of reading the Bible. Prepared as Lenten reading they are appropriate for any time for nourishing one’s own relationship with the God who, in Jesus Christ, has become ‘one like us.’

© 2005
ISBN: 0-904849-30-9
138 pages


A Journey with Mary: How God Touches Lives
Sanny Bruijns

This is the English translation of the early Dutch version which received high praise. Here one will find a wealth of information on Mary as well as a personal guide for meditation, and a collection of Marian sketches with an explanation of each. The book also gives much information about Marian feast days and memorials, places of pilgrimage, and Marian devotional practices.

Editor: Loek Prinsma
Publicado en versión inglesa por:
The Center for Spirituality Manila (CSM)
Teresa of Avila Monastery, 28 Acacia Street
Bgy Mariana 1112 Quezon City


Elías: Lámpara que quema y alumbra
Emiliano Jiménez Hernández

This book by Fr. Jiménez, a diocesan priest and native of Avila, Spain, examines the various scenes in the life of one of the icons of Carmelite life. The author hopes that the reader will feel the spirit of Elijah after reading this work—well worth the effort of every Carmelite. The is the 17th volume in the Vacare Deo series of the Institutum Carmelitanum.

© 2005 Edizioni Carmelitane (
ISBN: 88-7288-080-7
ISSN: 0394-7807
157 pages

Sant’ Andrea Corsini: VII centenario della nascita

A story of the famous Carmelite bishop and saint on the 700th anniversary of his birth in 2001. This small volume is rich with pictures from the Basilica of the Carmine in Florence and the Corsini Chapel in St. John Lateran, Rome.

© Copyright 2004
Casa Editorial: Giusti di S. Becocci
47 pages
€ 8.00


  FONTE: Revista Carmelita de la Región Ibérica
edited by the Equipo Mixto O. Carm. de la Región Ibérica

The name chosen for the magazine, FONTE, recalls the rich biblical and Carmelite tradition of referring to Christ as the fountain of living water. It is hoped that the magazine will not been seen as just containing the results of academic studies or scientific investigations but as an assist our pastoral work and our lives together. The journal is divided into two parts. The first deals with the studies on a particular theme. The second part deals with the pastoral aspects of the ministries Carmelites are involved in through schools, parishes, residences, etc.

179 pages